Akora Play – Season 4: Grordhelm Uprising Is Here!

Harness your Alchemist Essence as you battle opponents from across the realm to unlock the long-lost portal to a forgotten civilization and embark on an awe-inspiring quest to unearth the secrets of the legendary warrior, “Elizrenn”. Akora TCG is proud to introduce Season 4: Grordhelm Uprising, now available on Akora Play! Building on an incredible […]

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Akora Play – Season 3 Spotlight

Congratulations to all of the Alchemists who participated in Akora Play – Season 3: Afelium Unleashed! On behalf of the entire Akora TCG team we would like to extend our gratitude to all of the incredible Alchemists and local game stores who participated in our very first Akora Play competitive season! With over 100 active […]

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Harness your Alchemist Essence as you battle opponents from across the realm to unlock a hidden secret deep within the heart of Afelium! Players will now be able to access and track their seasonal rankings and performance on Akora Play. This is a separate ranking system designed specifically to track seasonal progress and will reward […]


Afelium Unleashed is Almost Here!

Street Date: February 24, 2023Print Run: 5,000 Units Akora TCG is excited to announce the official street date for our brand new core set, Afelium Unleashed! In this entry, we will walk you through all of the exciting updates and new features that Afelium has in store. Alchemists, we wish you luck on your journey! […]

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Grordhelm Uprising: LGS Exclusive

Grordhelm Uprising is available now for LGS exclusive pre-order! Street Date: May 26th, 2023 Est. Print Run: 5,000 Units Each booster box will include an LGS exclusive “War Cry” promo card. Local game stores that pre-order before the deadline date (02/13) will receive these stunning full art alchemy cards with their cases, and any Alchemists […]

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