Introducing: Eternal Echoes!

Street Date:
December 15th 2023 – UK
December 19th 2023 – US
Print Run: 4,000 Max Units*

Inervia has served as the crucible for a momentous clash, harboring the brave Akora who rallied against Magna-Kage’s malevolent forces. As your journey transcends the borders of Ikithia and takes you to the Unclaimed Realms, take a moment to reflect on the historical tapestry that has been woven by the intricate fabric of Ikithia’s world. The adventures that lie ahead promise untold challenges and revelations, building upon the foundation of a rich history that continues to shape the destiny of all who traverse these lands.

Eternal Echoes will feature a range of exciting new product offerings including booster boxes, theme decks, blister packs, playmats and more! As you journey back to the realm of Inervia, you will reunite with Akora and Alchemy from the past, some more recognizable than others; a lot has changed since you embarked on your travels. We are excited for you to return! Eternal Echoes will host the official rollout of our brand new full art battlezones that will showcase beautiful renditions of the most important landmarks in Ikithia, a perfect combination to enhance the look of your decks or simply collect and enjoy! There are many more surprises in store, Alchemists! Welcome back!


In the realm of Inervia, two distinct paths unfolded for two young mages: Kage and Tekina. Their stories were a study in contrast, shaped by their early experiences and aspirations.

Kage, marked by a troubled upbringing and a tumultuous journey through his formative years, began his life as an apprentice mage. His heart burned with a fervent desire to bring about positive change in a world that had often been harsh to him. At the prestigious Magna Athenaeum in Inervia, Kage’s talents quickly set him apart, making him a rising star among his peers. However, fate took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon an ancient mask of foreign origin infused with dark alchemical essence. Despite the mask’s forbidding reputation, Kage’s curiosity overcame the barriers that concealed its power. He secreted the mask away, unknowingly setting in motion a chain of events that would gradually twist his noble intentions into a darker, more destructive path. As years passed, Kage’s mastery of alchemy grew, fueled by the mask’s potent influence, leading him down a treacherous road of corruption and distorted ideals.

On the opposite end of the spectrum was Tekina, an inquisitive and hopeful young mage. His life was adorned with wonder and love, a stark contrast to Kage’s turbulent past. As an apprentice at the same Magna Athenaeum, Tekina’s insatiable curiosity drew him into the depths of knowledge, particularly the enigmatic Spirits documented in ancient alchemical tomes. Among these mystical beings, the Spirit Dragon Fiio captured Tekina’s imagination. Legends spoke of Fiio’s power being intertwined with a tiny spirit known as Crystal Dia. Through unwavering dedication and exploration of Ikithia’s realms, Tekina managed to forge a connection with Fiio himself. This rare encounter bestowed upon him the Spirit Dia, propelling Tekina’s alchemical prowess to new heights. Recognized by the Magna Athenaeum for his extraordinary achievements, Tekina ascended to the esteemed rank of Magna-Tekina.

Years later, long after both Magnas had departed the Athenaeum, a catastrophic clash erupted in Inervia. Magna-Kage, consumed by his corrupted ideals, summoned an ancient god dragon to reshape the world as he saw fit. Yet, amidst this chaos, Magna-Tekina stood as the only mage capable of thwarting his nefarious plans. Delving into arcane knowledge from distant realms deemed mythical by many, Magna-Tekina managed to invoke the Ancient-Seraph. The ensuing battle witnessed Akora on both sides clashing in a struggle for dominance. Ultimately, the Ancient-Seraph’s might prevailed over the Ancient God Dragon, securing Magna-Tekina’s triumphant victory over Magna-Kage.

LGS Exclusive

We are excited to continue our tradition of providing LGS exclusive incentives to help support and reward our partners and community! All local game stores who order Eternal Echoes through our official distribution partners will receive a special “Divine Blade” promotional card– featuring the coveted Ancient Seraph– inside of every box to offer to their community of Alchemists!

We are also continuing to offer the ability for local game stores to order directly through Akora Play. This provides access to core product for stores who are not already part of our existing distribution network.


The heart and soul of “Eternal Echoes” lies in the essence of the Akora and Alchemy that players and collectors have cherished throughout their remarkable journey. Each Akora has been meticulously reimagined, with some Akora bearing a fresh set of effects that will breathe new life into your strategies. Whether you were a fan of their past iterations or you’re seeing Ikithia for the first time, these iconic Akora will leave a lasting mark on your gameplay.

Theme Decks

Eternal Echoes will showcase 2 new theme decks. Each theme deck may contain an exclusive chase card to reward Alchemists with beautiful and captivating playable cards that are sure to take your decks to the next level! We’re excited to highlight two unique attributes for Eternal Echoes!


The Nature-Attribute theme deck will reintroduce a familiar Akora, Moku. With a never before seen ability, Moku pairs well with some of your favorite nature alchemy cards to showcase the true potential that can be unlocked within Nature. Your opponents will see just how hard a cute little dragon can hit!


The Divine-Attribute theme deck will Feature a fan favorite Akora, Zeru. This time around with a new ability. Zeru’s deck pairs well with some of our strongest Divine Alchemy cards from Spell Bound Wings, as well as some of our newer Alchemy cards. Zeru is Perfect for Alchemist who want to keep it nostalgic or add some of our new Alchemy cards to the deck to make it your own!

Set Details

• 170+ Artistically Remastered Cards
• 200+ Unique Holographic Cards
• 18 Akora Chains
• 18 Full Art Akora
• 18 Full Art Alchemy
• 10 Full Art Battlezones
• 10 Alternate Art Character Relic Shards

*Additional details to be announced.

• 54 Extended Art Akora
• 18 Exclusive Extended Art Alchemy Box Toppers
• 1 Exclusive Manga Art Card Box Topper
• 1 Serialized Box Topper Chase Card
• 2 Serialized Alternate Art Character Relic Shards
• 2 Serialized Full Art Alchemy Cards
• Ancient & Secret Rare Cards – Limited to 4 copies each

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