Enter The
World Of Ikithia


Embark on an enthralling journey alongside Kitsu, a skilled human alchemist, and his mischievous bound Akora, Kuzu. Traverse the captivating world of Ikithia, a world brimming with diverse Akora beings and vast Realms waiting to be explored.

As Kitsu and Kuzu forge ahead, they are joined by Brovin,
a wandering trader, igniting an adventurous camaraderie that
propels them across the enchanting expanse of Inervia. However, the unfolding tale takes a dangerous twist when Kitsu’s path intersects with a shadowy faction, entangling him in a high-stakes quest to rescue a mysterious girl bearing an enigmatic power.

Intrigue and peril loom large as this unlikely trio becomes entwined in a battle of epic proportions, risking everything to save the mysterious girl and the secrets she holds.

Their journey unfolds with heart-stopping battles and unexpected alliances, painting a captivating narrative that will leave you on the edge of your seat…

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