Akora Play – Season 6: Eternal Echoes Is Here!

The Echoes of past battles resonate in the air! Continue to improve your skills and become one of the first Alchemists of this age to discover the elusive Akora Fenn. An illusive Akora, Fenn will only be obtainable for the most Skilled Alchemists, will it be you? Battle your way to the top and claim Fenn as your own.

It’s that time, Alchemists! Akora TCG is proud to introduce Season 6: Eternal Echoes, now available on Akora Play! Be on the lookout for our official special event schedule hosted by Akora TCG which will include familiar formats along with some exciting new twists and themes! Including the new Loot Box Prizing.

New Mechanics & Updates

The heart and soul of “Eternal Echoes” lies in the essence of the Akora and Alchemy that players and collectors have cherished throughout their remarkable journey. Each Akora has been meticulously reimagined, with some Akora bearing a fresh set of effects that will breathe new life into your strategies. Whether you were a fan of their past iterations or you’re seeing Ikithia for the first time, these iconic Akora will leave a lasting mark on your gameplay.

Keep an eye out and be aware of Akora that activate their effects multiple times per turn if the prerequisites are met because these Akora might get you each time!
(Rules Processing Guide 4. Akora Effects)

Season 6: Official Events

Feb 11th: Introduction to Loot Prizing event. This is the perfect event for players to sample exactly what a Legendary event is. Get a taste for what you can win regularly at your local game store. This will be a tournament on TTS to allow players to experience what it will be like to play in a Legendary event. Loot Box prizing will be available all the way up to Legendary prizing. Not to fear if you run an LGS this is an event designed to showcase what prizing will be available all season long at Akora stores. This event is designed to give our players a small taste of the amazing prizing that Akora LGS will have on offer.

March 17th: End of season Legendary event. Celebrate the end of the Eternal Echoes season with this special event. Again this will be a great way to show what the incentives will be for our players to go and play in stores.

Once the Eternal Echoes season ends the World Beyond Pre-Release event will be announced!

Season 6: Eternal Echoes Prize Cards

1st Place Prize

2nd Place Prize

3rd Place Prize

We wish you all the best of luck throughout Season 6: Eternal Echoes! You have fared well on your journey thus far, Alchemist, but do you have what it takes to become this seasons champion? It is time to showcase your Alchemy skills, climb the ranks, and most importantly; have fun!

The Akora Team

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