Eternal Echoes Update!

Shipping Delay Information

It is with regret that I find myself writing this blog. If you follow Akora and have been around for the previous few sets you will know that we usually have no problems with delivering our products in a timely manner. Unfortunately due to shipping issues out of our control we find ourselves in the position of owing the Akora community an apology for a delay on our latest core set in the US.

I am happy to announce that all products are now with our major US distribution partner and will be with you shortly. There are no excuses for product arriving late, as the head of the company I speak on behalf of the whole Akora team and want to express that we value each and every customer big and small. We always strive to improve the game for the better and that includes logistics so rest assured we have learnt from what went wrong. As I have said no excuses will be found here only a sincere apology and a promise to do better.

If you are an lGS and you have been affected by any delay with Eternal Echoes please reach out to [email protected]

Thank you for reading,


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