Store Prizing

At A Glance

The loot box is designed to last stores for a 3 month season. Giving the store the option of casual event prizing and 3 Legendary event prizing.

Loot Stamped Cards

There are 27 exclusive Loot stamped full art cards that are non holo, 27 Epic loot stamped holo cards and 3 holo Legendary cards. These are all exclusive LGS prizing.

Learn To Play and Casual Events

Red Loot packs are ideal as learn-to-play pricing and incentives for casual play and non-ranked events in store. The Epic packs are idea as competitive prizing alongside the Legendary winner packs and


1. Red Loot Packs X 27

Sealed random non holo full art exclusive card with the Loot stamp. A great incentive for learn to play events, casual play and ranked prizes.

2. Purple Epic Loot packs

Sealed exclusive holo Epic stamped cards. Ideal for competitive prizing and Legendary events.

3. Legendary Events

Each Loot box contains X3 Legendary winner packs and X3 Legendary playmats. Our OP system Akora Play will allow you to host 3 Legendary events per 3 month season.

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