Akora Play – Season 5: Trials of Ikithia Is Here!

Harness your Alchemist Essence as you battle opponents from across the realm to be among the first to discover the ferociously powerful “Archos”, an extremely elusive beast known to protect the remote ancient forests of Tesuto. Only the most gifted Alchemists will have what it takes to bind with this mythical creature; sharpen your skills and prove your strength!

It’s that time, Alchemists! Akora TCG is proud to introduce Season 5: Trials of Ikithia, now available on Akora Play! Be on the lookout for our official special event schedule hosted by Akora TCG which will include familiar formats along with some exciting new twists and themes!

Many Alchemists of note and potential, including yourself, have traveled great distances to reach the realm of Tesuto in the hopes of advancing their skills and becoming an Alchemy Crusader! Tesuto is a central hub within Ikithia, and the enhanced Alchemy Essence it pocesses has infused the inhabitant’s, plants, and nature of this realm. Alchemy Essence flows like rivers and streams invisible to the average eye with many singular threads flowing through beings across all of Ikithia as they tap into their attribute-specific Alchemy Essence. You have finally arrived, do you have what it takes to overcome the trials that lie ahead?

New Mechanics & Updates

It sure looks like winter came early this year! Be sure to keep your Akora warm to avoid getting frozen by Magna-Kiiko’s new effect. You might think you’re safe inside, but Rozcrenn says otherwise! Let’s hope you never have to deal with the new Battlezone freezing mechanic. (Rules Processing Guide 23. Status Effects List)

Do you need a little more oomph from your armaments? You may want to check if they have a “Relactify” effect. Power up your armament with your Relic Shards, but be careful… they might become a big target for your opponent! (Rules Processing Guide 9. Relactify)

The debate is finally over! Stone of Akora is officially considered a “Relic Shard”! They do NOT take on the attribute of your Akora, and you still cannot start a match with a Stone of Akora in play! (Rules Processing Guide 21. Stone of Akora)

Not even the strongest of swimmers can withstand the power that water brings in. Look out for new “Aqua Counters” as well as permanent Alchemy Zone deactivation and Dark Zone deactivation! (Rules Processing 23. Status Effects List)

With the addition of more cards that can activate in the dark zone, we have made the rules for such interactions much clearer. For more in depth information/ rulings on cards activating in the Dark Zone, check out Section 7 of the Rules Processing Guide.

Season 5: Official Events

September 10: Tesuto – Realm Event
September 24: Tesuto Trial – Nature
October 8: Tesuto – Realm Event
October 15: Tesuto – World Event
October 29: Tesuto Trial – Dark
November 12: Tesuto – World Final

As a reminder, each LGS/Tournament Organizer will be limited to hosting 3 official competitive events per week, although they may run as many additional unranked events as they would like! 

Weekly limits will reset each Monday.

Realm Events

Alchemists are invited to the realm of Tesuto to participate in a series of special events featuring only native Akora! Players must bind with an Akora from Tesuto and build their alchemy decks to challenge their opponents.

*The only requirement for this event is that you must use an Akora from Tesuto (Trials of Ikithia).

Trial Events

Alchemists are invited to the realm of Tesuto to participate in a series of special trials events, welcoming Alchemists from across the world of Ikithia to test their Alchemy skills! Players must build a deck based on the trial attribute specified!

*The only requirement for this event is that you must build your deck exclusively with an Akora of the specified attribute.

World Events

Alchemists are invited to the realm of Tesuto to participate in a series of special events, welcoming Alchemists from across the world of Ikithia! Players may enter with any Akora from across the world and build their alchemy decks to challenge their opponents.

Season 5: Trials of Ikithia Prize Cards

1st Place Prize

2nd Place Prize

3rd Place Prize

Venturing into the storied realm of Tesuto, Alchemists will brave the epic trials that await, poised to test their mastery and unveil the path to a discovery of immense proportions. In the heart of this mystic expanse lies a mythical Akora, “Archos”, a formidable beast that possesses an alchemical mastery rarely encountered. Archos stands as an embodiment of elusiveness, a riddle poised to be unraveled. May your destinies converge upon the conclusion of the trials, as your prowess is tested on the battlegrounds. Only through triumph in these battles may an Alchemist pave the way to the binding of fates with the elusive Archos — an accomplishment that demands not just adept skills, but perhaps a bit of luck!

Alchemists, there are tons of exciting new updates and features in the works that are slated for a Season 6: Eternal Echoes release! You will begin to discover and explore a taste of what some of these changes will be during Season 5: Trials of Ikithia while we seek to test and gather feedback from our community of players and stores. Stores and Tournament Organizers are welcome to test out some of the event types modeled by our official schedule events! There is much more to look forward to and we cant wait to unveil it all!

We wish you all the best of luck throughout Season 5: Trials of Ikithia! You have fared well on your journey thus far, Alchemist, but do you have what it takes to overcome the legendary Trials of Ikithia? It is time to showcase your Alchemy skills, climb the ranks, and most importantly; have fun!

The Akora Team

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