Introducing: World Beyond!

Welcome to the World Beyond!

As the journey through Ikithia comes to an end, we embark on a new path across the great sea to the Unclaimed Realms. Discover what awaits you in the first Unclaimed Realm which lies in the World Beyond Ikithia called Vesri Island.
World Beyond will feature a range of exciting new product offerings including booster boxes, theme decks, new style blister packs a collectors box and more! As you journey into to the realm of Vesri, you will discover new Akora and Alchemy. We are excited for you to explore a new world of Akora! World Beyond will feature brand new full art battlezones that will showcase beautiful renditions of the most important landmarks in Vesri, a perfect combination to enhance the look of your decks or simply collect and enjoy! There will also be the chance to obtain the fan favourite rarity Character Shards and more surprises in store, Alchemists the journey is just beginning! This set will be available on the Akora website directly alongside the limited edition collectors box. For our LGS players and owners we have in the works some LGS exclusive products to keep you entertained which will be available with more information to follow. The collectors box will be limited to 100 boxes only and the core set will have a print run limit of 1000 boxes. Pre order will start for core and the collectors boxes on Friday 26th April 2024 and close out on the 26th May 2024. We will be aiming for a July delivery date (TBC) with all products shipping at the same time for core with US and UK shipping locally respectively. Collectors boxes will arrive in June. This is our first direct to consumer drop that we are facilitating as Akora direct and want to give the best experience possible to you all!


The Realm of Vesri is not an easy place to reach when making the journey from Ikithia, there are no maps and the Unclaimed Realms are regarded as legends by many Alchemists.

Fortunately there is one Akora offering you safe passage across the great sea on his ship! Jikon, a sea faring captain who travels the Unclaimed Realms in search of fame and glory. After learning of your adventure in Ikithia the appeal of a voyage with a powerful Alchemist on a quest for knowledge and power is something that Jikon would never pass on!

Vesri is a land full of monstrous and powerful Akora who are all undiscovered by human Alchemists and the Akora Alchemists of Ikithia. Undisturbed and living by their own rules these new Akora do not take kindly to newcomers entering their Realm.

Special Limited Edition Collectors Box!

This limited edition box will feature Art Rare Cards! These cards are only available in this box. Each box will contain 10 booster packs each pack containing 4 non holo Art Rare and 1 Holo Art Rare cards per pack. There will be a mystery limited chase card within this box to add to the excitement of opening it. There will only be 100 boxes available and we will let everyone know what the time will be that they go live on the 26th April 2024 in advance.

Buy a box promo!

Unveiling “Overlords Pact”: A Promo Card Transcending Realms

In celebration of the much-anticipated release of “World Beyond,” we are thrilled to continue the tradition of our Buy a Box Promo. Introducing the “Overlords Pact” promo card – a breathtaking journey into uncharted realms that promises to add a unique twist to your gameplay. This exclusive promo, available to those who order “World Beyond” through our Akora Official website!

Mechanical Uniqueness: Unraveling the Effect of “Overlords Pact”

The effect of “Overlords Pact” reads as follows: During your turn, you may discard 1 “Damned” Eternity card; copies of that discarded card cannot be negated until the end of the turn. This effect allows players to navigate the strategy of the Dark-Attribute, specifically regarding the Dark “Damned” Eternity Alchemy Cards, awakening the graves of the game!

Theme Decks

In a blaze of fire and the depths of the damned-shadows, a new era in strategic gameplay is about to arise. Meet the latest additions to the ever-expanding realms of Akora – the Fire-Attribute “Inferno Blaze Cerun, Fuzeno” and the Dark-Attribute “Tormented Shadow Warrior, Denzun”. These theme decks not only bring forth the power of alchemy forces, but also introduce thrilling new strategies that promise to keep alchemists on the edge of their seats. What’s more, hidden within these decks lies the potential for a rare and stunning Full-Art Multi-Attribute Alchemy chase card, adding an extra layer of excitement to Alchemist’s gaming and collecting experience. Join us as we explore the Tormented Souls and the Scorching Flames that define these decks, offering players a chance to master the art of burn damage and unravel the mysteries of shadowy tactics! 

– Dark

Denzun: A Dark Warrior’s Legacy

Within the Dark-Attribute theme deck, Alchemists will encounter the Akora Denzun, a formidable dark warrior whose shadowy presence transforms the battlefield. Denzun’s arrival introduces a new dimension to gameplay, as his Tormented Souls and Purgatory ability become the focal point of strategic maneuvers. With dark alchemy energy coursing through his veins, Denzun embodies the essence of the shadows, promising Alchemists an unparalleled experience in the art of dark manipulation and domination.

Tormented Souls Unleashed: Unraveling the Dark Strategy

The core gameplay strategy of the Dark-Attribute theme deck revolves around Tormented Souls, entities that embody the dark energy harnessed by Denzun. Alchemists can strategically deploy these Tormented Souls to wreak havoc on their opponents, introducing a level of unpredictability that keeps opponents on their toes. As the shadows deepen, so does the potential for unexpected twists and turns in the battle.

The Dark Art of Akora Theft: Turning Opponents Akora into Tormented Souls

One of the most captivating aspects of the Dark-Attribute theme deck is the ability to steal your opponents Akora from their Akora Deck through the new effect of “Demon’s Monolith” and transform them into Tormented Souls under Denzun’s control. This unprecedented mechanic adds an element of psychological warfare to the gameplay, forcing opponents to reconsider their strategies and adapt to the shifting dynamics of the battle. The stolen Akora becomes a potent asset, empowering the Dark Alchemists with additional resources and abilities.

– Fire

Fuzeno: The Ember of Destruction

At the heart of the Fire-Attribute theme deck stands Fuzeno, a Fire Cerun whose flames dance with an unrivaled intensity. Fuzeno’s arrival revamps the landscape, offering Alchemists an unprecedented avenue for unleashing scorching attacks and leaving opponents in the wake of fiery devastation. As the embodiment of raw fire, Fuzeno becomes a pivotal figure in the quest for burn damage dominance.

Fire Alchemy and Fuzeno Synergy: Crafting the Flames of Destruction

The core of the Fire-Attribute theme deck strategy lies in the synergy between Fire Alchemy and the Fire Akora, Fuzeno. As Alchemists strategically bound with Fuzeno’s effect and wield the roaring art of Fire Alchemy, they set ablaze a cascade of burn damage that engulfs their opponents. The combination of these effects creates a strategic depth that challenges Alchemists to master the alchemy art of controlled combustion and harness the power of relentless eruptions.

Soul Burn: Intensifying the Inferno

What sets Fuzeno apart is its unparalleled effect alongside the alchemy effect of “Soul Burn”. This unique combo allows Alchemists to double the burn damage inflicted upon their opponents at the cost of Fuzeno’s Soul Points, turning the battlefield into a searing inferno. As the flames intensify, opponents must navigate the scorching landscape with caution, knowing that each strategic move could lead to a devastating blaze. Fuzeno’s effect and Soul Burn’s effect adds an exciting layer of unpredictability to the Fire-Attribute theme deck, making every game a thrilling firefight.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the blazing fury of the Fire-Attribute where Fuzeno and the power of burn damage redefine the strategic scenery. Will you harness the flames with confidence, or will you be consumed by the Ash? Embrace the fire, and let the battle begin!

Lastly introducing our new style Blister Packs! They will still contain a Blister promo card to collect!

Set Details

● 9 NEW Akora Chains
● 9 Full Art Akora
● 10 Full Art Alchemy
● 10 Full Art Battlezones
● 41 Holographic Akora/Alchemy Cards
● 10 Holo Relic Shards
● 100 Mechanically Unique Cards
● 9 Stage 1 Akora Extended Art Box Toppers

● 10 Character Relic Shards

● 18 Stage 2 & 3 Extended Art Akora
-9 Stage 2 Extended Art Akora
-9 Stage 3 Extended Art Akora
● 2 Serialised Generational Rare Akora

● 1 Serialised Box Topper

● Ancient & Secret Rare Cards
-Limited to 5 copies each

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