Afelium Unleashed: Pre-Release Tournament

Alchemists! Akora TCG is excited to announce that we will be hosting our first official pre-release TTS tournament! This is a pre-constructed event, so Alchemists will be randomly given 1 of 4 pre-release decks to battle against other Alchemists from across the realm. All Alchemists will be receiving the first ever pre-release exclusive decks and […]

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Grordhelm Uprising: LGS Exclusive

Grordhelm Uprising is available now for LGS exclusive pre-order! Street Date: May 26th, 2023 Est. Print Run: 5,000 Units Each booster box will include an LGS exclusive “War Cry” promo card. Local game stores that pre-order before the deadline date (02/13) will receive these stunning full art alchemy cards with their cases, and any Alchemists […]

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Akora Community Rewards

Greetings, Alchemists! Starting February 1st (2023), Alchemists will have the opportunity to obtain our first ever community promo reward card! Join the Akora community Discord today to participate. This card symbolizes our gratitude for all of the incredible community members who are sharing Akora content on social media; from collection pictures, to gameplay videos, and […]

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Akora Play BETA is here!

Akora TCG Is Proud To Announce Its Brand New Organized Play Software This portal will allow players to have a centralized account that will unlock the ability to participate in events, track their rankings, and compete for prizes. In addition, during events, Alchemists will be able to view standings and report results, alongside other quality-of-life […]

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New Set: Grordhelm Uprising, Coming To Game Stores May 2023

Grordhelm Uprising is available now for pre-order! After the exciting events of Afelium Unleashed, your journey now takes you into Grordhelm, a realm ravaged by war with an ancient secret ready to be uncovered. Which side will you find yourself standing on when the final battle cry sounds? Visit your local game store today to […]

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Happy New Year From The Akora Team!

As Akora transitions into 2023, we will begin to roll out with quarterly set releases featuring optimized print runs that will more closely reflect the true demand of our player base, collectors, and community as a whole. It is our shared belief that this will strengthen all facets of our game. We are incredibly proud […]

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