Afelium Unleashed: Pre-Release Tournament

Alchemists! Akora TCG is excited to announce that we will be hosting our first official pre-release TTS tournament!

This is a pre-constructed event, so Alchemists will be randomly given 1 of 4 pre-release decks to battle against other Alchemists from across the realm. All Alchemists will be receiving the first ever pre-release exclusive decks and cards produced by Akora TCG as a reward for participating! Each deck includes a complete holo chain of Akora (stages 1 -3), and all cards will feature an exclusive “pre-release” stamp.  

You may wonder, “What are the attributes for the pre-release decks?” Well, we are excited to introduce the brand new Akora from Afelium. For Water, we have Rinuzi, the Water Dragon! For Electric, we have Arashi, the Electric Mage! For Fire, we have Ryokn, the Fire Beast! And finally, for Ice, we have Garasu, the Ice Demon! Rise to victory, Alchemists! We hope to see you all there as we journey into Afelium! 

For all Alchemists interested in participating in this event, please remember you must have an Akora Play account, discord and TTS to attend! 

For more information about this event, please see below.

Tournament Info

64 Player Max Cap

When: Sunday, February 19th 2023 at 12PM EST / 5PM BST

Check-in: via Discord on February 19th 2023 at 11AM EST – 11:55 AM EST / 4PM BST – 4:55 PM BST

Where: Discord, Akora Play, and Tabletop Simulator 

Structure Format / Breakdown:

• Pre-Constructed 
• Swiss to Top Cut 
• Rounds TBD
• Side Deck not allowed
• 1-hr time limit 
• 10 minute warning 
• 10 minute extra time


• 1st Place: 1x AU Alchemist Promo Card, 4x AU Pre-Release Decks, 12x AU Blisters, 4x AU Booster boxes 
• Top 8: 1x AU Alchemist Promo Card, 4x AU Pre-Release Decks, 3x AU Blisters, 1x AU Booster box 
• Participation: 1x AU Alchemist Promo Card, 1x AU Pre-Release Deck


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