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Akora Play – Season 5: Trials of Ikithia Is Here!

Harness your Alchemist Essence as you battle opponents from across the realm to be among the first to discover the ferociously powerful “Archos”, an extremely elusive beast known to protect the remote ancient forests of Tesuto. Only the most gifted Alchemists will have what it takes to bind with this mythical creature; sharpen your skills […]

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Akora Play – Season 4 Spotlight

Congratulations to all of the Alchemists who participated in Akora Play – Season 4: Grordhelm Uprising! On behalf of the entire Akora TCG team we would like to extend our gratitude to all of the new and experienced Alchemists and local game stores who participated in our latest competitive season of Akora Play! We are […]

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Introducing: Eternal Echoes!

Street Date: December 2023Print Run: 4,000 Units* Inervia has served as the crucible for a momentous clash, harboring the brave Akora who rallied against Magna-Kage’s malevolent forces. As your journey transcends the borders of Ikithia and takes you to the Unclaimed Realms, take a moment to reflect on the historical tapestry that has been woven […]

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