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Akora TCG Halloween TTS Tournament

October 23 @ 12:00 pm


Akora TCG is excited to announce we will be hosting our first annual Halloween TTS Tournament!

Alchemists, spooky season is upon us! Heavy fog has fallen over the lands of Ikithia, Halloween decorations are being seen in every realm and the full moon is illuminating the darkest corners of Inervia. Careful during the night, Magna-Kage and other Dark Akora might be lurking in the shadows. Alchemists, you must gather your trusty Akora and assemble your Alchemy Deck to face-off and battle other Alchemists from across the realm! Most importantly, have fun and best of luck!


TTS Seminar: October 16th,  2 PM – 4 PM EST / 7 PM – 9 PM BST


Official Check-in: October 23rd, 11 AM- 12 PM EST / 4 PM – 5PM BST


Main Event: Sunday, October 23rd – 12PM EST / 5PM BST 


Where: Akora Official Discord & Table Top Simulator 


Structured Format/ Breakdown

  • Single Elimination
  • Best of Three
  • Side Deck (10 card Side Deck)
  •  5 rounds
  •  1-hour time limit
  • 10-minute warning
  • 10-minute Extra Time


  • 1st Place: Champion Alchemist, Top 8 Dark Relic Shard, Sealed SW Booster Box Case.
  • 2nd Place: Top 8 Dark Relic Shard & 3 SW Booster Boxes.
  • 3rd: Top 8 Dark Relic Shard & 1 SW Booster Box
  • 4th-8th: Top 8 Dark Relic Shard & 3 SW Blister Packs.

End of Round Procedures:

  1. The player with the most game wins is declared the winner of the match.
  2. If tied, the currently active player plays out the turn. This is considered turn 0. Players will then play out an additional 3 turns within the allotted time limit of overtime. The second players turn will be considered turn 1, followed by the first players turn 2, and then back to the second players for third and final turn.
  3. If neither player has won at the end of the extra turns or the overtime limit has reached, the player with the most Alchemist Essence wins the current game.
  4. If players have the same amount of Alchemist Essence, the player with more cards in their Relic Zone wins the current game.
  5. If players have the same number of cards in their Relic Zone, the player with more cards in their Alchemy Deck wins.
  6. If both players have the same number of cards in their Alchemy Deck, the player with more cards in their hand wins.
  7. If both players have the same number of cards in their hands, the player who was last to take Alchemist Essence damage is the winner.


Table Top Simulator is required to attend and participate!
E-mails following up to the event will be sent out to participants as friendly reminders. 
The official check-in will be an hour before the tournament begins at 11 AM/ 4 PM BST October 23rd, 2022 in the Akora Official Discord.




October 23
12:00 pm

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